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Tree Removal Language from a Safeco Standard Homeowners Policy
July 11, 2011

Tree Removal Language from a Safeco Standard Homeowners Policy

 Monday, July 11, 2011



ThefollowingAdditionalPropertyCoveragesare subject toall theterms, provisions, exclusions, andconditions

of this policy.

1. Debris Removal.We will pay the reasonable expense you incur in the removal of debris of covered property

provided coverage is afforded for the peril causing the loss. Debris removal expense is included in the

limit of liability applying to the damaged property. When the amount payable for the actual damage to

the property plus the expense for debris removal exceeds the limit of liability for the damaged property,

an additional 5% of that limit of liability will be available to cover debris removal expense.

Wewillalsopay thereasonableexpenses youincur, upto$500, for theremoval of trees fromtheresidence

premises, provided the trees damage Building Property We Cover. The $500 limit is the most we will

pay in any one loss regardless of the number of fallen trees.

2. Reasonable Repairs.We will pay up to the amount stated in your Policy Declarations for the reasonable

cost youincur for necessary repairsmade solely to protect covered property fromfurther damage, following

acovered loss. This coverage does not increasethelimitof liabilityapplyingto theproperty being repaired.

3. Trees, Shrubs and Other Plants. Wec over, as an additional amount of insurance, trees, shrubs, plants

or lawns, on the residence premises, for loss caused by the following perils: Fire or lightning, Explosion,

Riot or civil commotion, Aircraft,Vehicles not owned or operated by aresident of the residencepremises,

Vandalism or Malicious mischief and Theft.

We will pay up to 5% of the limit of liability that applies to the dwelling for all trees, shrubs, plants and

lawns. No more than $500 of this limit will be available for any one tree, shrub or plant.

4. Fire Department Service Charge. We will pay, up to the amount stated in your Policy Declarations, as

an additional amount of insurance, for your liability assumed by contract or agreement for fire department

charges incurred when the fire department is called to save or protect covered property from a loss we


We do not cover fire department service charges if the property is located within the limits of the city,

municipality or protection district furnishing the fire department response.

5. Property Removed.Weinsure covered property against direct loss fromany causewhile being removed

from a premises endangered by a loss we cover. We will cover this property for a maximum of 30 days

while removed. This coverage does not change the limit of liability that applies to the property being


6. Land Stabilization. Wewill pay up to the amount stated in your Policy Declarations for the cost required

to replace, rebuild, stabilize or otherwise restore the land necessary to support the insured dwelling or

other structures sustaining a covered loss. This is an additional amount of insurance.

7. BuildingOrdinanceorLawCoverage.Wewillpay for damage toBuilding PropertyWeCover resulting

from a covered cause of loss in compliance with any ordinance or law that regulates the construction,

repair or demolition of the property.

This coverage does not apply unless you choose to repair or rebuild your property at its present location.

We do not cover:

a. the loss in value to any covered building or other structure due to the requirements of any ordinance

or law; or

b. the costs to comply with any ordinance which requires any insured or others to test for, monitor,

cleanup, remove, contain, treat, detoxify or neutralize, or in any way respond to, or assess theeffects

of, pollutants or contaminants. However, for purposes of Building Ordinance orLawCoverage,

pollutants or contaminants shall not include asbestos or materials containing asbestos.

Youmay useall or part of this ordinance or lawcoverage topay for the increased costs youincur to remove

debris resultingfromtheconstruction, demolition, remodeling, renovation, repairor replacement of property

as stated above.



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