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Tree Removal Coverage / Homeowners Insurance Policy
June 23, 2011

Tree Removal Coverage / Homeowners Insurance Policy

Tuesday night storms ripped through the Elmhurst area and we had several clients with trees blown down.  The general rule of thumb in regard to tree removal being covered by your Homeowners Insurance policy is: 

Tree removal may be covered up to $500.00 IF the tree falls on and does damage to YOUR covered property, like a fence, pool, deck, roof etc.  This coverage is subject to your Homeowners Insurance deductible, which means the damage to the property must exceed your deductible in order for the tree removal coverage to apply.

Additionally, If your tree falls on your neighbors property such as their fence, pool, deck, etc., it is your neighbors Homeowners Insurance policy that will be used to cover that damage & the subsequent tree removal.  There is one instance in which tree removal and property damage to others as a result of your tree falling on it, may be covered by your own insurance.  This is when the tree is known to be diseased or dead and posing a danger to the property and you (the insured) fail to take action to remove the tree or protect the property.  If a live, healthy tree falls on a neighbors property it is considered an act of God and will be covered by the neighbors insurance policy and not your own.

As always, whenever a question about the coverage on your insurance policy crops up, please call us for assistance in understanding your policy language.

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